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We're hiring Full Stack React Developers!

About Vulcan Labs

Remote first with a Cape Town office for when we want to get together.

Looking for people who genuinely care about delivering high value software.

Ready to work with other teams and consultancies to get things done.

Somewhere were consultants have a high level of autonomy, we trust our people to make the right decisions.

A team that considers ourselves experts in React and Typescript (have been building production systems with these tools for as long as they’ve been around).

Some things that might excite you

Learn React from a team who’s been building production systems with it from almost day 1.

We have data people with over 20 years of experience, if you want to level up your SQL and BI skills.

Work on lots of high volume distributed systems.

Own the entire solution(truly full-stack), you’ll rarely just be pigeon holed into a single competency.

Work with clients who trust and respect you.

Build developer tools for us and clients to use.

More about you

Have 10+ years of experience.

Have experience with the following: Javascript, Typescript, React, SQL

Think a lot about data and modelling

Care about writing performant legible code

Care about solving business problems

Get excited when talking about tech problems

Be Pragmatic

Prefer working in teams

To apply for this job please visit