MSX International


The Challenge

Green Fields Complex Financial Analysis and Benchmarking Suite

For more than 25 years, MSX International has worked closely with vehicle manufacturers around the world, helping their customers maximize value and achieve measurable success through an innovative portfolio of automotive business solutions and services. Driving their success is the MSX MRA ® Performance Model that provides insights into the key factors that contribute to automotive retail performance. Used to evaluate a firm‘s financial position by assessing operating efficiency and asset utilization, the model serves as an invaluable decision-making framework.

MSX International is also an industry leader in automotive retail benchmarks. Essential to OEM’s and dealers, benchmark data facilitates the comparison of dealer performance against similared sized dealers in their local network. At the core of their product suite is a sophisticated software data model running the MRA algorhytm converting dealers accounting and statistical data into metrics and benchmarks used to drive and track performance. Implementing and scaling the MSX MRA ® Performance Model called for a strong team of senior engineers. That’s why they reached out to Vulcan Labs to help design, develop and maintain their software suite.

The Solution

Marrying Technology & Data Science to Satisfy Business Requirements

MSX International didn’t just want technical expertise – they required innovative and creative developers that could meet their high-quality standards and help them take their software suite to the next level.
Through our Custom Software Development and Specialist IT Resourcing services, we provide MSX International with a world class software engineering and QA team. The software suite frontend is built on React with TypeScript, the backend API is Ruby on Rails with JRuby and Java, and the database is PostgreSQL with Mondrian for OLAP for BI. Managing the complete software development life cycle (SDLC) as well as hosting and operations, we are now in our second decade helping MSX International reach the business goals.

Technologies Used


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